Something Dark and Evil.

Something strange......

The end is the beginning.

Cahal, Sharr, & Elisharr have successfully defeated Levick & Lydia! After the quick escape from the castle they traveled quickly to friendlier territory in order to put distance between them and those in the castle who may seek revenge for the death of their leaders! Several months later strange rumors reach you about the aftermath of your adventure. It appears that the next evening after the death’s of Levick and Lydia strange happenings and deaths within the castle occurred which caused the occupants to flee in terror!!! Now something dark and evil haunts these halls and terrorizes the neighboring countryside! For the peasants who live (lived) in the area the situation is now even worse than it was before! 20The small village nearest the castle is now completely abandoned and dark things haunt the buildings and streets where children once played. It is not know what is going on in the Castle itself because no one has gotten near it and lived to tell the story. What did we do? What have we unleashed?? Do we owe it to the good decent people who have died or fled to return and try and remove this blight from the land, town, and castle? Or do we turn away, knowing we did what we could and this is now an issue for someone else?



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